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Financial Planning with Your Family

Financial Planning with Your Family

Your financial plan should involve the dreams, goals, resources, and responsibilities of the entire family. If you have a spouse, partner, or children, you may need to provide guidance as your family develops a financial plan.

How do you get your family on board with your financial goals? You must inspire them, just like a coach might. A coach needs the cooperation and coordination of each player on his team. In order to get teams to pull together, great coaches lead by example and command the utmost respect from each and every team member. Their team members strive to perform at their very best each and every game, not only for themselves, but also for their coach and their team. Great coaches inspire greatness.

Crown-Finance can offer you a family plan, trading accounts for every family member whether they are 90 years old or 1 year old.

As a family, you will receive a personal account manager to handle your financial needs

College Plan

College Plan

As everyone knows, the typical student is always strapped for cash. College living is an exciting and challenging undertaking for most students. Moving away from mom and dad, living on your own and making decisions for yourself and having to manage your own finances are just a few of the roadblocks you will be facing. Having a plan in place beforehand and sticking to that plan as closely as possible can help to ensure that you survive the transition with the least stress possible.

Crown-Finance can help.

We can offer you a 3-5 year plan with a guaranteed 26% increase off of your initial investment per year. Every 6 months, you will be able to collect your profit, sum or all of it

VIP plan

VIP plan

This plan entitles you to receive the best short and long term trades. It also includes connecting your own trading account with the best traders in our VIP group and let you follow their trades and strategy. You get insured trades as soon as they become available.

You will receive dedicated support, every step of the way:

  • VIP support: One-on-one personal support
  • from our dedicated VIP team 24/7
  • Skip the line: Get priority call-back.
  • Instant response: Immediate replies to
  • your questions in the live chat or via email.
Vacation Plan

Vacation Plan

Set Up Automatic Transfers

You can set up an automatic transfer with Crown-Finance This is easy to set up and can really add up over time. A transfer of $200/week ($28.5/day) adds up to $10,400/year and a total of $46,000 (after calculating profit) by the end of a year that would have funded flights for my entire family to a wedding overseas, accommodation, meals and even souvenirs. Look into package deals, and you can sometimes take your whole family on vacation for not much more than $2000.

If you've set up a recurring direct deposit for your paycheck, often you can work with your employer to have your deposits split among multiple accounts. So you could have 1 or 5 or 10 percent of your paycheck go straight into your dedicated travel account -- without having to move it yourself or being tempted to spend it.

Retirement Plan

Retirement Plan

Most people look at retirement as the finish line, the point after which financial planning and investing become moot.

The reality is far different. Forty percent of baby boomers expect to work until they die, according to data from AARP. The very idea of “retirement” is up in the air, since many folks in their mid-60s cannot afford to quit work and might never do so.

Here are some steps to help you approach financial planning in retirement:

  • Do estate planning now
  • Figure out your income streams
  • Be smart about spending
  • Review insurance needs

And most important..

Secondary Income Plan

Secondary Income Plan

Become Wealthier by Developing a Second Income, you’ll develop a second stream of income simple by joining.

Going into business is tricky and requires a lot of trial and error — which can be very costly and even ruinous if you don’t have a reliable way to pay the bills.

Crown-Finance is your answer. We can generate serious cash flow in a relatively short period of time.

For beginners

At Crown-Finance we educate our customers. We have educational team that stands ready to take you from an elementary level and to guide you toward stable trading. Once you open an account your account manager will contact you shortly and will create special plan that will suit individual needs and requirements. We value each individual customer and provide individual approach to your needs.